Zodiac Assignment

Yet another assignment in Environments and Characters class. This time we are focusing on the Zodiac; I was assigned the Horse. In this assignment we were instructed to create a humanoid and animalistic version of the particular zodiac animal we were assigned, as well as do a quick background. This is my result. Let me know what you think.

Description:  This character is a Duchess in Europe with a very strong sense of entitlement. Since the day she was born she was given the best of everything and was always told that she was the most beautiful women in Europe even topping the queen herself. She is a very proud individual and loves the most lavish  things the world has to offer. Unfortunately though she may be beautiful her attitude can turn sour and ugly at the slightest annoyance which has gained her quite a few enemies; and as a result caused her and her family to move to the Americas.
               But beyond that considering the political strife's her and her mother the Countess of York had to endure thanks to the unrepeatable scrutinies of her father she is a very strong individual at heart and will stop at nothing to achieve the fruition of a goal...whatever it may be. And her newest goal is to become the next Queen of Europe; but first she has to get out of America.
              While in the Americas the Duchess finds a wild stallion who despite his rugged demeanor is a very kind horse who roams freely in the wild. The people of the settlement have been trying to catch this horse for years because, considering all the cross breeding,  hes one of the last pure breed stallions in the Americas and hes very valuable.

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