Lady Red Tattoos

This is the page dedicated to practice tattoo images as well as actual tattoo application images. For tattoo inquires email me at:

Shop Location:

Pink Diamond Beauty Mall

17350 Livernois Ave
Detroit, MI  48221
United States

Tuesday-Thursday 12-8pm
Friday- Saturday 12-9pm

All tattoos are custom made by Ericka Hampton; designed specifically for the client. Please email me to discuss your ideas and to get you scheduled in at the shop. All appointments are made ahead of time so that the proper amount of time is dedicated to the custom image being tattooed.

Work in progress of a custom dream catcher

 Touch up of an older samba tattoo that I did 

Detroit City Skyline with the Great Lakes arm band 

Custom design: Mix of the Puerto Rican and african flag 

*Custom designed compass for this client:

*Middle Eastern lettering meaning "It is written" (Top). and "Believe" (Bottom):

*Ho Fatto A Modo Mia " I did it my way..." :

*Can you guess this one? Oh yeah? You figured it out?... No Bull Shit? ^_^

*Cover up of what was suppose to be the number 13 but this guy got what looked like two black lighting bolts. Its ok I fixed it with a Neo Traditional Rose. 

* Fury, Patience and Conversations. (Romanian) from Stephen Universe. This tattoo is above the elbow and the start to a whole Steven Universe theme. 

*Original feather illustration 

*Custom design, dedicated to breast and bone cancer 


Don't mind me I'm just practicing on fake skin to improve myself ^_^

Work in progress with this body rose tattoo...I will update on her next session. Its going to be amazing  

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